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Faiqa is great and comforting individual, who cares for your well being! Her remedy for my itchy foot problem, worked and I am so happy with the outcome.
Norma Martens, Office Administrator

My 6 year old daughter was afflicted with warts all over her face. No treatment was effective for this disfiguring problem, so I brought her to Faiqa. My daughter�s warts totally disappeared after one week of treatment, and they never came back again. My daughter and I were so happy.
Asma Imtiaz

I was born with a heart deformity which as I got older, caused me to become progressively weaker and short of breath. As a member of the military, I received treatment from a conventional doctor, but my symptoms persisted. Before my son got married, I knew I needed help, so I came to see Faiqa. She treated me with homeopathic medicine for 4 weeks. I felt like a new man, I had no more problems with my heart.
Abdul Rehman

Last summer, I developed a severe red rash on my face. It caused me to be embarrassed to leave the house. I tried to use cortisone cream, but it just got worse. I took the medicine Faiqa gave me and the rash was gone in a few days, never to come again. Thank-you Faiqa!
F. Craig

Because I live with diabetes, a minor injury to my foot became infected and pre-gangrenous. Antibiotics were not working, so I turned to Faiqa. She prescribed a topical remedy as well as something to ingest, and after 2-3 weeks, my foot was totally healed.
E. Chaudhary

For many years, my husband struggled with anger problems. He was miserable to live with and our marriage was at risk. I went to see Faiqa about my own problems, and she asked me all kinds of questions. She helped me with my issues, and she also prescribed a remedy for my husband. After just the first dose, he started to have a better mood, and now he has no more angry outbursts.
Mary-Jane S

My daughter had severe asthma as a child. It was especially bad at times of a big crowd or party and when it was hot weather. The first time I brought my daughter to Faiqa, she had lost consciousness due to an asthma attack. Faiqa gave her medication under the tongue, and within 15 minutes, my daughter was revived. With subsequent treatments, the attacks became less frequent and less severe.
Omar A

When I got married, I realized that my new husband had genital warts. After the honeymoon I was affected as well. Faiqa gave us both some homeopathic medication, and within a week, the warts disappeared, never to come back.
Lana Edger

While traveling last year, I experienced heart failure due to atrial fibrillation, or afib as it is commonly known. I was hospitalised for a week, and placed on a regime of heart medications. My condition stabilised, however I remained weak with a significant drop in energy. Last summer, I approached Faiqa for a homeopathic consultation. After a thorough interview with attendant research, she recommended a particular remedy intended to gradually strengthen my heart and improve my overall energy. Within six weeks, i experienced noticeable improvement: I slept more soundly, and had more energy than at any time following my heart failure. I have continued taking this remedy, and my overall energy has continued to improve. I am able to exercise daily, and I feel better than I have felt in the past two years. Out of respect for my cardiologist and his treatment, I have continued taking the afib medications he recommended, mainly to offset the possibility of formation of a blood clot in my heart. My cardiologist is comfortable with me pursuing both therapies, and so am I. Thank you, Faiqa. I am indebted.
Abdullah Craig Walker