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Faiqa Riaz | Gold Medalist        

30415 Sandpiper dr, Abbotsford,

V2T 5N2, BC, Canada | (604) 302.8413

About Faiqa Riaz

Early in life, I was fascinated by the intricate workings of the human body. As the oldest in the family, I learned early the rewards of helping others reach their potential.

The study of homeopathy was, for me a natural choice, and, after completing high school, I enrolled in the Pakistan Homeopathic Medical College. Under the tutelage of the country's most esteemed homeopathic doctors, I learned homeopathic philosophy and treatment modalities. Extensive anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and forensic medicine were included in the curriculum.

In keeping with the holistic philosophy of homeopathic medicine, I learned the art of comprehensive physical and emotional assessment and how to prescribe appropriate remedies. In my own clinical practice, I observed homeopathic medicine applied to the local population with very positive results.

Following graduation with honors, I was employed at a large, well-established homeopathic clinic in Lahore, Pakistan. Because of my academic standing at the college, I was honored with a teaching position which I held for 4 years.

I have also been awarded with:

  • Dr. Muhammad Masood Gold Medal
  • Dr. Schwabe Gold Medal from Germany

In Canada, I set up a clinic in Montreal, Quebec and in Belleville, Ontario. Now based in Abbotsford, British Columbia, my comfortable clinic is open to anyone seeking the holistic, gentle and non-invasive approach to maintaining health and well-being offered by homeopathic medicine.

I am a board member of BC Society of Homeopaths. I am also a registered member of following prestigious societies:

  • Canadian Society of Homeopaths
  • West Coast Society of Homeopath
  • BC Chambers of Commerce

In addition to regular treatments I also offer:

  • Diet and Nutrition Counselling
  • Lifestyle Coaching
  • Psychological Counselling
  • Stress Management

Encompassed in the consultation fee are the homeopathic remedies which are: custom made, highest concentration, proven efficacy and imported from the United Kingdom.