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Faiqa Riaz | Gold Medalist        

30415 Sandpiper dr, Abbotsford,

V2T 5N2, BC, Canada | (604) 302.8413

Consultation Charges

Fees include consultation time, the practitioner�s research and study time to select the most suitable remedy, your homeopathic remedies, and a quick phone or e-mail check-in between appointments, if needed. Longer conversations between consultations and after-hours calls are subject to additional charges. No taxes are charged.


Cancellations require a minimum of 24 hours� notice for any fees to be waived.


Cash, cheque and Paypal are accepted.


Refer a friend and receive $15 off your next consultation!

If you feel reassured by the care you receive at our clinic, please tell others, if not, please tell us!

Payment Includes:

Services Fees
Consultation and Price of medicine $180
Follow up Visit $100
Child under the age of 16 $90
Follow up of Children $60
Consultation & Medicine for Acute Cases $60